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Circulair challenge


Enginn Incubator is an incubator that aims to launch sustainable businesses in the Haarlemmermeer region.


They work together together with their Founding Fathers who initiated Enginn to accelerate the transition to a Sustainable, Circular Economy within the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.


With their help and extensive network, they connect starting innovative entrepreneurs with potential partners and customers. 


The Circulair Challenge is an acceleration program focussed on startups in the circular building industry. It is organised in cooperation with Delta Development and Stichting DOEN, to provide ten startups with the opportunity to find funds and a launching customer. Being the developer of Park 20|20 and the Circular Valley, Delta Development gave the participating startups insights on how to become market ready. Besides, we organised several workshops for the participants on relevant topics, like circular business models, funding and circular product design.


  • Supported 9 start-ups in their journey towards a launching customer

  • Organized 3 master classes about e.g. circular business models

  • Set up and executed the planning, administration and communication

  • Attracted 21 experts to share their knowledge with the participants

  • Set up partnerships with 25+ organisations
    Managed a project team of 4 employees

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