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The Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) is a Dutch Foundation with the mission to show that is it is possible to gain economic, social and ecologic profit at the same time. Thereby creating a world in which people and nature thrive.


For their first project, they import high-quality olive oil, honey and salt & herbs to in the Netherlands and sell it under the label Lots of Lesvos. They pay locals a fair price for their products, and with the profit, they support newcomers on Lesvos. 


Lots of Lesvos strives to enable locals and refugees on Lesvos to care for their families. 

The locals survived a financial crisis and due to the refugee crisis, tourism is down. They are helping the refugees wherever they can. We are happy to pay the Greek families on Lesvos a fair price for their beautiful products.


They donate part of the profit, to MOSAIK Support Centre which empowers people who flee their country and enable them to take care of their families. They invest the remainder of the profit in growing Lots of Lesvos, in order to grow their impact.




  • Managing a crowdfunding campaign

  • Co-designing a sales trajectory

  • Involved in strategic decisions

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