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A creative mind to launch your project


Bembem is founded by Thijs van Bemmel, an entrepreneurial idealist who has worked in several countries in multiple industries.


Before starting Bembem, he was a freelance project and programme manager for three years. This experience gave him the drive and the skills to set up Bembem, to use his knowledge on project boosting and social business development to the fullest.

Besides Bembem, Thijs loves board games, outdoor sports, children's books and surprising people.


Bembem's goal is to grow the impact of your projects. By comparing the goals as set within the project and by the organisation, Bembem helps you to broaden up the project targets.


Bembem's experience as programme manager combined with a creative mindset will create a structure to kick-start your projects.



Bembem's diverse network and social skills help you to involve unexpected and valuable connections, experience and skills.

Organisational alignment

By clearly defining the links between the goal project and the mission of the organisation, Bembem helps to build internal involvement in the project. The more individuals feel connected to the project, the better they will contribute.

Project boosting

As a project manager, you may lack time to think creatively about the goals or to gather the knowledge that is needed to set a project that can excel beyond expectations.


Bembem can support project managers or project initiators to structure and boost their projects and to create a foundation to launch the project.

Crowd funding

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to build a community whilst generating an independent source of income. Bembem can advise you on how to set up and manage a successful campaign.

Increasing engagement

The target group of your project can be a source of knowledge and skills. By co-creating the project with the target group, Bembem can create a shared ownership and increase the impact of the project.

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