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Stichting Alle Kleuren


Stichting Alle Kleuren (All Colours Foundation) strives for a society where all residents feel connected to each other. An inclusive society that celebrates and cherishes its diversity as a connecting factor through dialogue, conflict, reconciliation and celebrating together.


They initiate and organise activities that connect neighbours and local residents of all backgrounds and minorities. 


Stichting Alle Kleuren started in Amsterdam Oost (eastern Amsterdam). BemBem has mainly been involved in the Pride Oost event, an event that takes places during the Amsterdam Pride week.

The event celebrates diversity with the emphasis on gender and sexual diversity. It is an annual event that has marked its fifth anniversary in 2017.


  • Managed the collaboration with the local entrepreneurs

  • Was responsible for the marketing and communication

  • Has set up a plan for the website and overall communication.

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